Remote Work Has Opened the Door to a New Approach to Hiring

Remote Work Has Opened the Door to a New Approach to Hiring

We have a multi-stage process that includes screening, compatibility, skills, core values, and career history. The biggest difference from on-site workers is that we have become very shy to hire anyone who does not have experience accomplishing something hard working with others (like an remote interview process office job). We hope this list doesn’t discourage you, think about using it as a checklist. We just want to make sure this gets you thinking about the time investment involved in the hiring process. Your digital presence is everything when attracting and hiring effective remote workers.

hiring process for remote jobs

We have an extensive interview process where we determine if the person in question has the ability to not only be productive and complete assignments, but the ability to do so from a non-traditional office setting. In addition, they must be a good fit for blending in with our company culture and team. We not only use behavioral interview questions but also have candidates complete personality assessments that measure traits such as efficiency, integrity and sociability in order to gauge fit for working virtually. When hiring remote candidates, phone and video interviews will be your primary communication channels. Also, it’s a good idea to use assessment tools to evaluate candidates’ skills and make objective hiring decisions, even if you don’t meet candidates in-person.

Hiring for remote teams

Axon is a public safety technology company offering smart weapons and cameras, evidence management, and automated reporting solutions for law enforcement, military, and self-defense applications. Like Uber’s drivers, our teachers are contractors so we sign a contract with them. Some teachers feel this works to their advantage though because it gives them more working flexibility. They truly are their own boss and this is like an entrepreneurial experience that they love.

A good idea would be to create a guide with useful tips on how candidates can prepare for a video interview. Overall, a remote hiring process can help companies access a wider pool of qualified candidates, reduce costs, improve retention and productivity, and attract top talent who value work-life balance. We all think we are great interviewers but the truth is we are all biased by our own lens!

FlexJobs Is SO Much More Than Just a Job Board

Elevate your hiring process with Job Description Generator – a tool to create customized, compelling job descriptions, attracting the right candidates effortlessly. At acework, we enable businesses to build their successful distributed workforce. We can help you find and hire experienced professionals looking for flexible career opportunities. Our advisory creates actionable strategies for companies based on their culture, processes, and business needs. Schedule a free strategy session to start building your high performing diverse and distributed team.

  • We all think we are great interviewers but the truth is we are all biased by our own lens!
  • However, if this is a new position, looking at existing descriptions for the same role can work as an initial guide.
  • To dive in deeper check out our article Nail your candidate profile with marketing lessons.
  • All aspects of the hiring process, including the initial application, resume submission, interviews, and onboarding, are conducted online.
  • Ryan Malone, founder and CEO at SmartBug Media, says that reluctance to use some of those tools is often a matter of confidence.
  • Depending on the job you are applying for, the next step in the hiring process may be a skills-based pre-employment test.

Hope Weatherford, Head of Talent Attraction at InVision, highlights the importance of a strong communication path and multiple check-ins throughout the hiring process. Hope Weatherford, Head of Talent Attraction at InVision, shares some inside https://remotemode.net/ tips on how they run interviews at the final stages. As she explains, they’ve chosen to run brief interview sessions not only with team members the candidate will work directly with, but also cross-functional teams, from various levels.

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