New Korean Ladies Recovery Neighborhood ??????? is prepared from inside the 1919

New Korean Ladies Recovery Neighborhood ??????? is prepared from inside the 1919

New Korean Ladies Recovery Neighborhood ??????? is prepared from inside the 1919

Upon researching the news headlines of your February First Independence Path during the Korea, 41 agents of several branches of Korean Ladies Association (KWA), which had been established in 1913, met to the March fifteen. They made a decision to regroup KWA to your Korean Red-colored Cross. Despite the fact that desired to utilize the label “Korean Yellow Mix”, the new Hawaii Chapter of your own Yellow Cross advised all of them you to definitely “Korean” cannot be taken just like the Korea wasn’t a different country. Therefore, title “Korean Ladies’ Save Neighborhood (KWRS)” is settled abreast of. “Ladies” and “Women’s” had been interchangeably used.

  1. To simply help people who have been injured into the February Very first Versatility Course and those who have been wounded throughout the proceeded struggle to possess liberty, and
  2. To steadfastly keep up correct Korean women’s profile, chastity and etiquette.

Having special occasions, KWRS players wore light antique Korean apparel (hanbok) and you can dressed in light headgear with a yellow cross. The fresh new red cross try KWRS’s signal. KWRS’s flag and you can registration certificate bore a red-colored get across.

Images out of an associate on the Korean Women’s (Ladies) Recovery Community KWRS flag “discovered” from the Korean Christian Church’s storage on the eighties Membership certificate of your own Korean Women’s (Ladies) Relief Society (1) Subscription certificate of the Korean Women’s (Ladies) Recovery Society (2)

KWRS had its Main Panel take on management tasks during the managing individuals department communities. The new Main Committee try composed of agencies away from department communities. Department representatives must be no less than twenty-two years of age and able to studying and you will creating Korean and Chinese or Korean and English. Branches was situated in the countries and Main Panel try situated in Honolulu.

Color Poster of one’s Statement regarding Liberty Bill regarding $five-hundred from the Korean Versatility Army inside the Manchuria, 1921

Having $eight hundred compiled in the https://worldbrides.org/de/blog/amerikanische-frauen-gegen-europaische-frauen/ their first conference towards March 15, KWRS revealed their earliest fundraising hobby a bit in-may or Summer 1919. It customized and you will printed 3 hundred copies from 24-inch x 29-inches color prints of the Declaration out of Independence. Regarding the revenue of posters that were released because of the Advertiser Publishing Team for the Honolulu, KWRS produced an internet profit out of $dos,000. Outside of the overall $dos,eight hundred, KWRS delivered $800 on the Korean Provisional Regulators inside Shanghai and you can $step 1,500 in order to Korea to greatly help people injured inside March Very first Course. Went on fundraising work of the KWRS managed to make it possible to transmit $five hundred to help with the new Korean Versatility Armed forces when you look at the Manchuria in the 1921.

Together with increasing loans to fulfill the organizational expectations, KWRS along with promoted Korean society by the presenting musical and you may dancing programs, and even staging a traditional event. Members authored dramas from old-fashioned Korean tales particularly “Hyonyeo Simcheong” (Filial Piety Simchdong) and you will “Pal Seonnyeo” (Eight Angels). KWRS staged dramas during the Honolulu along with rural portion, with spots starred by people. Between acts, singing and you may dancing were launched. By means of this type of social things, KWRS managed to make money out-of citation conversion process.

This is equivalent to $4 million in the modern to order really worth

The total money raised from the KWRS towards the end regarding WW II have been estimated becoming $200,000. To start with, the income were utilized to help with family whose participants sustained through the this new March Very first Liberty Direction. Due to the fact big date passed, KWRS’ fund were used to support the fresh new Korean Provisional Bodies into the Asia, the new Korean Freedom Military into the Manchuria and you can Chungking, Asia, Korean-vocabulary push from inside the Honolulu, and you will Syngman Rhee’s diplomatic projects inside the Arizona, D.C.

The newest KWRS’s activities to greatly help the mother nation continued even with the conclusion WW II. KWRS accumulated individuals save services and products and you may delivered them to Korea.

Inside 1947, KWRS continued rescue activities when you look at the Korea of the committing a hope out-of $seven,000 so you’re able to Lim Younger-shin ??? to determine an office inside the Seoul. The fresh new $7,000 is gathered from the Honolulu department ($5,400), the fresh Wahiawa branch ($step one,500) therefore the Hilo department ($100).

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